Project Description




The room is free to access for UM Staff. However, first time registration is required:

Access method:

  1. Please fill in the online form to register the access right for entering the gym room.
  2. Online form.
  3. 3 working days are needed to grant the access right upon submission of online form. Applicants may check the status via this link.
    After submitting the online form, in the above website, it will show “In Progress”.
    After access right is authorized, it will show “Completed”.
    The applicant may then swipe his/her staff card on the card reader at the entrance of the fitness room to enter.

Please check out the N1 Fitness Room here and further information here.

  • Size : The area of Mini Fitness Room is about 142m2. 
Mini Fitness Room (Room number N1-1022) is located at the 1st Floor of the UM Guest House (N1).

Please see below for the location of UM Guest House (N1): 

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